Kanuu.ee's 1-day trip to Kihnu - field trips and smoke sauna!

Have you ever visited an authentic Kihnu farm? Learned Kihnu handicrafts from the masters? Visited a new and original Kihnu museum? Eaten Kihnu bread and jam after a tasty fish soup? Whisked yourself in a sooty smoke sauna? Trust us – there are stillp laces in Estonia that will surprise you! - We will take a ferry from Munalaid to Kihnu, - Field trip of Kihnu island in the back of a truck, During the three-hour field trip, you will visit the museum, a lighthouse, a farm that preserves Kihnu culture and many other wonderful places that Kihnu has to offer. - Fish for lunch - Free time - Dinner, smoke sauna For groups of 4–40 people.