Kihnu Museum

The museum culture in Kihnu is different and unique – the storehouses here have a lot of items that elsewhere only decorate museum showcases, old commodities are also used a lot in everyday life. That is why the local history museum in the middle of the island is the core of the big open air museum, i.e. a museum in a museum.

The handicraft skills of Kihnu women have been preserved for generations on a truly authentic level and the valuable handicraft repository is constantly updated – both the showcase of the museum and the enormous handicraft collection in storage. The spiritual culture has been inherited from ancestors; old work skills are still existent in Kihnu and this is what also makes the museum culture special.

The most important job of the Kihnu museum is storing daily changes – collecting and recording are more important than exhibiting.

The museum of Kihnu has the biggest collection of naïve paintings, the authors of which are naïve artists of Kihnu. The permanent exhibition of the museum has been set up on the basis of the life cycle of a person. Two different worlds are distinguishable: women with the home, children and animals and men with everything related to the sea. The eye-catcher of the Men's Room is a wax figure of the famous sea captain Kihnu Jõnn.

Kihnu Museum

Linaküla Village, Kihnu Parish, Pärnumaa County Estonia 
Phone: +372 5818 8094, +372 446 9717
Manager: Maie Aav