Kihnu Keretäus—Kihnu pop-up café day

A new event has been added to the summer culture calendar – the Kihnu Cafés Day that takes place on the first weekend of June. The event has gotten a humorous name, Kihnu Keretäüs (“Kihnu Bellyful”), so if all the other cafés days popular in Estonia offer food, then in Kihnu you also get a bellyful.

A number of temporary cafés are opened in home yards or in other interesting places for one or two days. There, you can enjoy local food and a culture program. There are also activities for children.

Fish is definitely an important raw material during Kihnu cafés days, especially since the herring catching season is still going.

All guests of the island are also welcome to join the evening dance party. That is why the cafés are open the next day as well, so you can get another bellyful and buy some to go.

However, one thing is completely unclear. Since the first weekend of June is the blooming time for lilacs, it is not known whether Kihnu smells more of lilacs or coffee.