Here you can find introductions and information on some of the major events that are held annually on Kihnu.



When: End of April
Where: Metsamaa cultural farm
Organizer: Kihnu Cultural Space (Kihnu Kultuuriruum),

Once a year, the Kihnu Knitting Festival unfurls its colourful yarns at Metsamaa cultural farm. This three-day event honours the age-old art of knitting, which has been woven into the very fabric of Kihnu's culture and economy for centuries. Knit-wits from far and wide can join in on the fun and participate in workshops, learn about the history and techniques of Kihnu knitting, and revel in performances by local musicians and dancers. This festival is a tapestry of Kihnu's rich heritage and traditions, and an opportunity for visitors to get “knitted” into the cultural tapestry of this enchanting island. Each year, a new knitting theme is chosen for the festival and participants are provided with the necessary materials. In years past, attendees have been taught how to knit their own Kihnu traditional socks, gloves, hats and more.



When: Beginning of May
Where: All over Kihnu
Organizer: Kihnu Selts,

The Kihnu Baltic Herring Festival is an annual celebration of the island's traditional fishing culture, held in late spring when the herring are at their most abundant. This lively festival offers a unique opportunity to discover Kihnu's maritime heritage and enjoy a wide variety of herring dishes. Festival-goers can watch traditional fishing demonstrations and take part in workshops that teach the different ways to prepare and cook Baltic Herring. The purchase of a ticket allows participants to visit local farms and try out smoked herring, marinated herring, Kihnu bread, and other delicious local delicacies, as well as participate in the festival’s lottery, where the main prize is always something special.

Visitors can also browse the local handicraft and food market, where they can purchase handmade souvenirs and locally produced goods. As night falls, the festival really comes alive with an entertaining party featuring live music.



When: First weekend of June
Where: All over Kihnu
Organizer: Kihnu municipality,

On the first weekend of June, Kihnu Island becomes a tasty wonderland with the annual Home Cafe Days, also known as Kihnu Keretäüs (Kihnu Bellyful). This whimsical event is a celebration of local islanders' warm hospitality and delicious home cooking. Visitors are invited to explore the island's many cozy and intimate home yards that have been transformed into charming cafes, each offering a unique culinary experience.

With so many tempting treats to offer, it's no wonder the festival has been dubbed Kihnu Bellyful! Visitors are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing that lets their stomachs expand, as they sample a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes ranging from fancy entrees to humble home-cooked meals. Fish lovers will be in heaven with an abundance of herring, pike, perch, whitefish, and trout, all freshly caught from the surrounding sea.

But the Home Cafe Festival is not just about food. Throughout the weekend, visitors can also enjoy a diverse program of cultural activities and entertainment. Traditional music and dance performances, storytelling, and craft demonstrations take place in various locations, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the island. A brochure with a map of the cafes, food selection, and entertainment program is available to help visitors plan their day. And for those who prefer to travel paper-free, a digital version of the brochure is also available on Google Maps.

No Kihnu event is complete without an entertaining evening party, and Kihnu Keretäüs is no exception. On Saturday evening, visitors can dance the night away to live music and enjoy performances from local dancers and singers. The party is a perfect way to burn off the extra calories earned throughout the day and immerse oneself in the vibrant and festive spirit of Kihnu Island.



When: Beginning of June
Where: All over Kihnu
Organizer: Kihnu Selts,

Every year, for one magical day in June, Kihnu Island is transformed into a steamy oasis of relaxation and wellness known as SaunaFest. The festival is a celebration of the island's rich sauna culture, and visitors from near and far are welcomed to indulge in the many different types of saunas available for testing. From traditional Kihnu saunas to Finnish saunas, smoke saunas, and more, there is no shortage of ways to get your sweat on!

But SaunaFest is not just about saunas. In addition to the warm and steamy fun, there is also a raffle with amazing prizes, including a top-of-the-line SKAMET sauna oven that is sure to make any home sauna feel like a luxurious retreat. And, no festival is complete without a local handicraft and food market, where visitors can browse and purchase handmade souvenirs and delicious local treats.

SaunaFest is a chance to immerse yourself in the rich sauna culture of Kihnu Island, connect with locals and other visitors, and experience the rejuvenating and relaxing benefits of sauna bathing. Whether you're a sauna enthusiast or just curious about the tradition, SaunaFest is a must-visit event that promises to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.



When: June 23rd
Where: Old community centre grounds
Organizer: Kihnu municipality,

Jaanipäev (Midsummer's day), is a magical time on Kihnu that is truly unforgettable. This festival is one of the most cherished holidays on the island, and locals go all out to make it a memorable occasion. The whole island is like one big village, and everyone comes together to celebrate at the old community centre field (vanarahvamaja plats) for an unforgettable night of fun.

On the evening of June 23rd, the festivities begin with locals gathering to perform traditional Kihnu songs and dances. The women wear their full Kihnu costumes, which for married women includes an intricately embroidered bonnet, and the men don their hand-knit Kihnu sweaters. Ancient runic songs from Kihnu are performed, and women dance around in circles while the bonfire is set ablaze. The bonfire is traditionally an old fisherman's boat, and someone named Jaan has the honour of lighting it.

Live music, singing, and dancing accompany the warm glow of the bonfire, creating an electrifying atmosphere that is both enchanting and captivating. There is plenty of tasty food and drink available for purchase, and locals and visitors alike spend the evening enjoying the festivities by the light of the fire. The celebration often lasts well into the morning and following day, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Midsummer's Day on Kihnu is a time-honoured tradition that provides a glimpse into the island's rich culture and traditions. Visitors are always welcome to join in the festivities and immerse themselves in the island's atmosphere. From the traditional costumes to the ancient songs and dances, Midsummer's Day on Kihnu is an experience that will leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to attend.



When: Second weekend of July
Where: Mainly Kihnu harbour
Organizer: Kihnu Cultural Space (Kihnu Kultuuriruum),

Kihnu Mere Pidu is based on the good old tradition of Fisherman's Day, which celebrates the island’s maritime heritage. Nowadays the festival program includes a wider celebration of everything that concerns the life of Kihnu and the island’s community. The festival, lasting three days, has a diverse programme including concerts, various workshops, and many performances from both local and visiting artists. A large market also springs up on the fairgrounds, where a mixture of food, crafts and souvenirs are available for purchase and offers a chance for locals and visitors to mingle together. The Sea Festival is a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the island’s rich culture and natural beauty while celebrating the importance of the sea to the local community. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some traditional Kihnu boats sailing out to sea, or even get to take a ride on one!

As the sun sets, the party really gets started with concerts from popular musicians to enjoy. Each evening showcases a main headliner and follows with a lively band sure to keep people dancing through the night. Many times even until the sun rises the following morning.

So, hoist the anchor and set sail for Kihnu Sea Festival, where this one-of-a-kind celebration of sea, community, and culture is sure to delight!



When: During the first week of August, Monday-Friday
Where: Metsamaa cultural farm
Organizer: Kihnu Cultural Space (Kihnu Kultuuriruum),

The Kihnu music camp takes place each year during the first week of August at Metsamaa cultural heritage farm and is mainly geared towards youth but adults have also participated in the past. The aim of the camp is to ensure the continuity of Kihnu music traditions and customs by passing them on to future generations. 

During the five day-long camp, participants are able to learn how to play traditional Kihnu instruments such as the violin, accordion, guitar, mandolin, karmoška and more. Experienced musicians from Estonia come to teach and provide lessons on how to play traditional Kihnu music. Participants also have the opportunity to practice playing in ensembles and perform with others. 

The camp is not just limited to music lessons, however. It also includes dance lessons, group activities in cooperation with the Kihnu museum, and bonfire evenings where kids can enjoy music and dancing under the starry night sky. 

One of the most important goals of the music camp is to support and preserve the activities of local musicians. The festival also provides an opportunity for people outside the island to learn more about Kihnu’s musical heritage and engage in joint activities with locals. 

Another important aspect of the Kihnu Music Camp is to encourage a creative application of Kihnu tradition. This means that participants are not only taught how to play traditional Kihnu music but are also encouraged to think about new ways to incorporate these traditions into modern music. For example: taking a traditional Kihnu folk song and turning it into an ensemble piece incorporating many different instruments. 

The camp always comes to a spectacular end with a final concert where participants showcase what they have learned throughout the week. It is a wonderful opportunity for visitors and parents of the participants to hear the results of the hard work put in by the young musicians of Kihnu.



When: End of September
Where: Metsamaa cultural farm
Organizer: Kihnu Cultural Space (Kihnu Kultuuriruum),

The Kihnu Violin Festival, held in early autumn, is a celebration of Kihnu violinists! The festival brings together well-known Estonian violinists to honor the unique and valuable contribution of Kihnu music. The festival also aims to foster the development of new local violinists and to expand playing skills, styles, and knowledge.

The festival is open to both adults and young people who are interested in folk culture, and it provides a great leisure opportunity for all age groups. The program includes concerts in the Kihnu museum and community center, workshops led by professionals, seminars, an introduction to Kihnu culture and cuisine, and dance evenings.

The goal of the festival is to maintain and develop the tradition of violin playing in Kihnu, as well as to create an event that appeals to violinists and those interested in playing the violin from all over Estonia. By extending the season for visiting Kihnu, the festival also aims to stimulate local business.

Moreover, the festival aims to preserve and develop traditional culture through new outlets, and to connect young people with the community and traditional culture, including young people studying in the city. The festival seeks to ensure the continuity of the instrument playing tradition, pass on fading skills, support the activities of musicians, organize joint activities with people living outside Kihnu, and encourage creative innovation of tradition.

The festival provides an opportunity for the community to come together, don their Kihnu clothes, dance, and sing together, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.



When: During school break in October, Monday-Wednesday
Where: Metsamaa cultural farm
Organizer: Kihnu Cultural Space (Kihnu Kultuuriruum),

The Kihnu Youth Heritage Camp (Kihnu Pärimuslaager), is a unique experience for children and young people who either have Kihnu roots or are connected to Kihnu through friends and would like to learn more about the island’s culture.  The camp, which takes place during school break in autumn, offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the cultural heritage of the island and to learn about Kihnu's customs and traditions. It lasts for three days and is mainly targeted towards anyone aged 8-26 who lives and studies in the city. Younger children are also welcome to participate with a parent or guardian.

During the camp, participants will learn the Kihnu language, make traditional crafts, dance Kihnu dances and sing Kihnu songs. They will also have the opportunity to play an orientation game and listen to Kihnu legends by the bonfire. All activities are led by adults, but the facilitators are the children and youth of Kihnu themselves, providing an opportunity for the younger generation to take ownership of their cultural heritage.

The camp takes place at Metsamaa cultural farm, where participants will stay and eat together and ends with a final performance where participants can showcase what they have learned throughout the camp.

The Kihnu Youth Heritage Camp is a wonderful opportunity to not only learn about Kihnu's cultural heritage but to also foster a sense of community among the younger generation. Everyone is invited to participate and to help make the camp a powerful and memorable experience for all.