Start/End: Kihnu harbour is the starting and finishing point of our journey, the welcoming host and dispatcher of our guests. Here is where our exploration and treasure hunt begins

The best travel period: Kihnu Travel Wheel is passable all year round, but the best time to visit the route is from April to October.

Travel time: By bicycle: 4-12 hours, depending on your physical abilities as well as goals of the journey and interests. On foot: approx. 2 times longer compared to cycling, i.e. 8-24 hours.

Road conditions: Almost 80% coated, 20% uncoated. The route is passable with all types of bicycles, on foot (preferably) and, if need be (including for visitors with limited mobility) with a motorcar.

Start/finish: The “official” starting and finishing point of the route is Kihnu Harbour; however, as it is a circular route, one can start and finish wherever one pleases.  

Marking: Most of the route has signposts.

Villages and the length of the route: The route passes four Kihnu villages: Lemsi, Rootsiküla, Linaküla, Sääre village and the length of the route is 40 kilometres..

Kihnu Travel Wheel is the perfect round route for discovering the cultural and natural sights on Kihnu island by foot, with a bicycle or even with a nostalgic sidecar. Kihnu Travel Wheel, which is designed by cultural leaders and tourism entrepreneurs of Kihnu introduces the cultural space, landscapes and sea views acknowledged by UNESCO to the visitors. Kihnu Travel Wheel is something through which we, the people of Kihnu, invite you to experience our valuable home island. The cultural space of Kihnu is unique, its striking originality lies in the communal lifestyle predominant on the island, various cultural customs, Kihnu language and natural environment. 

The shape of the wheel has an important place in the cultural heritage of Kihnu. It symbolizes the traditional circular Kihnu wedding dance, the steering wheel of a ship as well as a bicycle (the most suitable vehicle for travelling on the route) and a sidecar, characteristic of Kihnu. The themed route itself can also be looked at as a wheel, as it is a circular route (circular=>wheel). There is a lot to discover on the journey, you can find descriptions of all the sights at

Kihnu Travel Wheel Kihnu Reesuratas—official tourist route in google maps

1. Kihnu Suaru Harbour

The main task of Kihnu Harbour is to guarantee ferry traffic. The port also receives yacht...


2. Kihnu harbour market: local food and crafts

The market building is located right by Kihnu Harbour, in a new and beautiful port area. F...


4. Lohu shop on the island of Kihnu

You can find Lohu handicraft shop in the village of Lemsi in the eastern part of Kihnu. T...


7. Kihnu Jõnn alias Enn Uuetoa memorial

Kihnu Jõnn, otherwise known as Enn Uuetoa (1848-1913), was an Estonian sea captain. He ros...

History & Culture

8. Kihnu lighthouse

Kihnu lighthouse is situated on the southernmost tip of Pitkänä peninsula. It was brought ...

History & Culture

10. Metsamaa Traditional Farm on Kihnu Island

This traditional farm complex reveals the different sides of everyday island life. It incl...

History & Culture

12. Tennis court and soccer field of the former community centre on Kihnu

A sports ground and an outdoor stage were built next to the former community centre in 196...

Activities & Adventure

13. Monument to the former community centre of Kihnu

After World War II, the construction of the first community centre in Kihnu began. The bu...

History & Culture

15. Kihnu St Nicholas Church

Kihnu Church, built in 1784, is one of the few orthodox churches converted from a Lutheran...

History & Culture

16. Kihnu Museum

You must go to the exciting Kihnu Museum when you visit the island. It like an anchor in p...

History & Culture

18. Kihnu Liiva-aa boulder

The Kihnu sea and coast are very rocky, but there are not a lot of large boulders. The Lii...

Nature & Wildlife

19. Kihnu Manor lindens

Kihnu Manor, which was built at the end of the 17th century, was destroyed in 1887. The ma...

Nature & Wildlife

22. Kurase store on Kihnu

In the village of Sääre, 1.5 km from the harbour on Kihnu island, is the Kurase store, whi...


22. Kihnu's own handicraft shop

Kihnu's own njäputüepued ('handicraft shop')! In the middle of the island, in the courtyar...


23. Kihnu Cemetery

The cemetery is as sacred for Kihnu people as the church. You go there quietly and never a...

History & Culture

29. Kihnu handicraft shop ‘Njaputüe pued’

In the summer, the handicraft shop ‘Njaputüe pued’ in Kihnu sells a wide range of handicra...


31. Kihnu Fishermen’s Harbour and historic Kihnu fishing boats

The northern part of the Suaru port is full of historic Kihnu fishing boats. This part of ...

Activities & Adventure