Sailing to Kihnu island with Seikle Vabaks

Kihnu island is one of the most exotic places in Estonia! Here, women wear striped traditional skirts and colourful scarves every day, play the violin and serve traditional Kihnu fare. Come on a sailing trip to discover this wonderful island! A voyage to Kihnu takes about 4 hours. Sailing boat has enough room for 10 people. A trip to Kihnu can be done within a day; however, in order to explore the island and its culture more thoroughly, we recommend you take 2 days. 1-day trip costs 550 euros, 2-day trip costs 775 euros. For an extra fee, you can visit a museum, a lighthouse, rent bicycles, order local Kihnu food and book accommodation and a sauna.


Additional services
  • Catering at extra cost


  • Cash only