Mõnu farm’s folklore concerts

Visitors of Mõnu handicraft farm will find themselves in a world that has been created by the magic of Kihnu women’s skilled fingers. Mõnu hostess Rosaalie Karjam, Härma Roosi for the locals, is the most valued handicraft master of Kihnu, proof of this can be seen in a farm full of beautiful and high-quality handicraft: coifs, lace, sleeves, gloves, belts and socks.

Folklore concerts are also held in Mõnu farm – visitors are welcomed by a small part of the band Kihnumua, who introduce Kihnu singing, dancing and weddings traditions. The folk entertainers are competent to talk about anything that concerns handicraft, culture and traditions of Kihnu. If there are people interested, they will also talk about dyeing with plants or about making traditional leather shoes and Kihnu women know how to talk and sing while at the same time doing handicraft. The visitors of Mõnu farm are welcomed by older as well as younger women and children, which proves that folk bands have become a vital way to transfer old traditions, dances and songs to the younger generation and today's culture.

A visit to the handicraft farm has to be agreed in advance and it has to remain to the summer period.