Kurase Shop on Kihnu Island

The Kurase Centre is located in Sääre village, 1.5 km from Kihnu Harbour. Here you can find essential food products and other necessities, as well as souvenirs and Kihnu handicrafts. Events also take place here. In addition to the shop, the Kurase Bar and Sea Boutique operate in the Kurase Centre during the summer. When visiting Kihnu, be sure to stop by if you want to fill up your shopping basket or spend a fun evening with the locals at the Kurase Bar. The Kurase's courtyard has pretty seats with a thatched roof where you can rest and enjoy food and drinks. Kurase Shop is open all year round and accepts card payments. New stock arrives on Mondays and Thursdays.


General equipment
  • WC
  • Free parking