Kihnu game

One way to get to know the island and spend time with your friends all at once is to participate in an orientation game – the Kihnu Game. This is a sociable form of entertainment for a group of at least 5 people, but the more participants the more fun it is.

The participants of the hiking game move around the island on bikes. Each team gets their own paper guide, i.e. a hike leader, who leads the group to different sights with its parable and introduces the life, history, and culture of Kihnu. The group who reaches the end of the path first will receive the title of the winner, but all participants have won the pleasure of fun entertainment and about 3-hours of athletic activities in nature. Everyone will also receive a Kihnu-themed prize. The most important thing in this game is not winning but the beauty of the game.

The Kihnu Game is a suitable activity for company parties and summer events. So far, the biggest group has been 250 people.