361 - Kihnu island bicycle route

Harbour – Koksi Oak (1.6 km) – lighthouse (6.3 km) – museum (10.5 km) – Linaküla (12.6 km) – Arumägi/Kurase (14.2 km) – Sigatsuaru (16.25 km) – harbour (18.8 km) Kihnu, a former seal hunting and fishing island, has now become a culturally significant and strongly matriarchal society. The women take care of the preservation of the island's cultural heritage while the men are engaged in fishing. Kihnu will fascinate any guest interested in culture and heritage, unique nature and friendly people. UNESCO has included Kihnu's traditional wedding ceremony and cultural space in the list of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It's wisest to start the bicycle trip right from the harbour where the ferries from Pärnu and Munalaiu dock. Head to the lighthouse. During the first kilometres of the hiking trail, you will see rows of houses by the road offering accommodation, snacks and souvenirs on the way. Visit the home of the Kihnu Jõnn (Estonian sea captain Enn Uuetoa), and then head for the lighthouse, which gives beautiful views of the beach. From the lighthouse, ride towards the centre and pass the home of the famous folk singer Kihnu Virve until you reach the museum and church. Take a slight detour to reach Linaküla. Here, they organise folk music and dance performances by reservation and sell handicrafts. Pass through Kurase centre and ride on to Sääreküla, ride around the airport and enjoy the water at the beach near the Rock City Guesthouse. The route is quite short and easy, but if you take your time looking around and observing the local life you can spend all day on it. The municipality has been investing more and more into dust-free roads, so you only have to ride on gravel roads for a few kilometres near the lighthouse. The best place to start the trip is the harbour that is also equipped with a number of bikes for rent. You can also start from your accommodation if you are spending multiple days on the island.